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The Brass King

We started The Brass King because we are Reloaders too, and we wanted to share our passion for using once-fired brass for reloading with enthusiast like you. Over the past few decades, we have been honing our shooting skills at some of the best indoor and outdoor ranges in our hometown of Phoenix, AZ. We have competed in shooting competitions all over the country. 

One of the biggest lessons we have learned over the years is that using your own bullet casings and reloading them yourself can be the difference between having a great day at the range, and a very frustrating one. Every gun shoots differently, and while some guns can shoot pretty much any bullet,  many are very finicky and require you to use a specific style of ammo. 

This is where brass for reloading comes to the rescue. By purchasing bullet casings and reloading them, you have complete control over the entire process of building your cartridges. You can size them to perfectly match your gun, you can begin to dial in and fine-tune the optimal bullet weight, and you are in control of the amount of powder charges in each bullet. By controlling all of these variables each time you go shooting, you can increase your accuracy and consistency. Reloading is an art form, and we believe that it is truly a labor of love. Plus by reloading, you can save quite a bit of money, and who doesn’t love that? 


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with purchase of any quantity of 9mm or 40 S&W

Pistol Brass

We carry some of the most popular pistol brass like 9mm, .38 Special, .45 Auto Brass, .40 S&W Brass, and more!

Rifle Brass

Our rifle brass offerings are some of our best sellers. Check out our collection of .223/5.56 Brass, .308 Win Brass, 30-06 Brass, and more!

Why You Should Use
Once Fired Brass

We believe that using once-fired brass for reloading is more than just a way to save money. Reloading is a hobby and for us, it’s a source of pride. When you go to the range and shoot ammo that you fine-tuned on your mechanic bench, and it fires exactly how you wanted it to… Well to us, there is no better feeling. By reloading your own ammo you know exactly what you are using in your guns and how it should shoot. 

Better Accuracy

Fine tune your ammo to match your gun for more accurate shooting

Save Time

We send you sorted, cleaned, and polished casings so you are ready to reload

Save Money

Buying casings and reloading them saves you lots of money vs buy brand new rounds

More Control

When you reload you get to control the variables and determine the best set up for your shooting

Our Top Selling Brass

Specialty Brass

Our team collects brass from some of the most popular and reputable shooting ranges in Phoenix, AZ. One of our favorite things about the brass sorting process is seeing what types of unique and hard to find specialty brass casing we collected. It’s like a fun treasure hunt for us. We never know what we are going to find. Once we collect and sort enough rounds of a specific bullet casing, we clean and polish them and offer them to you here at The Brass King. 

We also dig deep into our private collection of unique and rare brass and offer it here in very limited quantities. 

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