The BRass King

Bullet Casings For Reloading

Our Story

Our owner, Dan, is very passionate about the sport of shooting and has been competing in high power rifle competitions since the late 1980s. In 1995 he earned his “Distinguished Rifleman Award.”  He is also the founder and owner of Young Manufacturing which specializes in manufacturing firearms parts. Dan’s decades of experience in the industry led him to want to share his enthusiasm for shooting and especially the art of reloading by starting The Brass King.

Collecting Bullet
Casings For Reloading

We have partnered with one of the best and most reputable indoor shooting ranges in Arizona, and we receive their casings weekly. This range requires its shooters to either purchase brand new ammo on site or to bring proof that the shooters are using brand new cartridges to shoot. This requirement means that the majority of our casings we collect are once-fired brass. Once collected, the casings are carefully placed in plastic drums which protect the casings from any damage. This all ensures we are proving you with top quality brass. 

Bullet Casings for reloading in plastic tubs

Our Hand-Inspection Process

Once the bullet casings have been collected and brought to our warehouse, they are machine sorted into their specific calibers. From there, our team hand-inspects each casings looking for any imperfections like dents, defective brass, mix-matched calibers, and will remove any berdan brass. After our team carefully inspects the casings they are ready for polishing, which happens in wet tumbler system using stainless steel pins. We polish upwards of 5000 casings at a time. Once cleaned and polished the casings are packaged and ready to ship out to our amazing customers. 

Once Fired Brass